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"Come, friendly bots." - Ross Floate


"Come, friendly bots." - Ross Floate

Alex File

Q: I’m starting to worry about the future of design. I see how good standard web templates are, and see stuff like design by Artificial Intelligence, and I think design might not have been a great career choice.

A: You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear, and algorithms.

It seems like a scary time, right? It has never been easier for designers and non-designers to create great websites that even five years ago would have cost a fortune to build. Look at services like Squarespace for example — nine bucks a month, press a couple of buttons and beep-boop, there’s your website. Hell, even I run a couple of sites on Squarespace.



There is more to design than the pixel-pushing of visual design, and the people who understand that are going to shine in this new environment. The real designers, the problem solvers, the people who are able to come up with novel solutions to new and complex challenges, are not going to be replaced by an algorithm.
If the robots want the job of making things prettier I say let them have it.
Design isn’t about making things pretty. Design is the deliberate and never-ending task of making things better. That’s the job we have.