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Shazam! Second-Screen Synergy


Shazam! Second-Screen Synergy

Alex File

For years now, advertisers have been trying to find ways to bridge the analogue-digital divide; to ultimately increase engagement, impact and brand recall. 

QR codes have died. They were a failed experiment with little impact and extremely limited success, despite wide adoption and use. Not even ritualistic early-adopters or ad men could be won over by the QR code —  so what hope was there? 

The challenge of incorporating the necessity of a 3rd party app into an integrated and participatory marketing process has been a hurdle that marketers and designers have been struggling to get over for years. 

But with Shazam it seems we have entered a new age of content consumption and successfully connecting the message onto the second-screen. The music and media recognition app has broken through, or simply dematerialised, the barriers QR codes faced. Shazam-advertiser collaboration has created a non-intrusive and engaging digital experience, whilst maintaining the integrity of the first screen. 

Not only does Shazam create fantastic experiences and offer new opportunities for exciting content and storytelling, but a recent study by Nielsen shows measurable and quantifiable effectiveness. 

  • 6 percent higher ad recall
  • 10 percent higher ad + brand recall
  • 14 percent higher ad/brand + message recall
  • 13 percent higher recall + likeability



It seems we’ve now passed the awkward teething phase of advertisers pining for the second-screen connection and users are getting the enjoyable, un-intrusive experiences they deserve. 

With Amazon’s Firefly app recently launched on their new Fire phone, we may soon see seamless synergy between our digital and analogue worlds. Firefly uses image, text and audio recognition to identify millions of products, as well as QR and bar codes, artwork, movies, TV shows, music, email and Web addresses, and phone numbers. Let’s hope this new app is rolled out to Android and iOS, as this offers countless opportunities for marketers and consumers alike; including reducing purchasing friction and increasing brand engagement.

Argos, 'Get Set Go Argos'. Most Shazamed ad in the UK - 14th-21st October 2014