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Wayfindr: Announcing the Open Standard


Wayfindr: Announcing the Open Standard

Alex File

Wayfindr is calling for an open standard, so that cities can be optimised for the visually impaired in order to allow a seamless and independent experience for non-sighted travellers.  

Our mission is to empower visually impaired people to independently navigate around the world

Wayfindr launches with major London Underground trial at Euston and $1m grant from to improve access for vision impaired people

• Wayfindr, a not-for-profit joint venture between ustwo and RLSB, will set the first standardised guidelines for using smartphones to guide vision impaired people in urban areas
• London Underground commissions full-scale trial of digital navigation system at Euston Tube station
• supports Wayfindr initiative through $1m grant to RLSB